Wanna talk Flash storage vs hard disk?  The future price of technology vs pricing today?  Windows 7 (or is it 8 coming soon as usual) vs Lion?  Microsoft vs Apple… again?  Or will the Cloud put them both out of business?

And just when you thought it was safe to go out and buy a new PC, Steve Jobs comes along and raises the bar for everyone.  Integrated Flash storage means better and faster, but not cheaper.  What an incredible visionary he is.  Still, it is what’s coming and will make everyone’s life better… I think.  Hmmm, before all we had to do was replace a hard disk to get more storage, now we have to replace the whole PC?  Apple of course likes this a lot. 

And Windows 8 may still be 2 years away.  Ugh, stuck with Win7 for awhile.  Still, we got pads and more pads coming to play with for Christmas.

Next we talk the technology talk for real estate… and see who can really walk the walk.  I think some will be very surprised as to how astute some of our real estate clients are and what they are demanding.  Not just blogs and Twitter, but performance, security, customization, integration, and reports.  And did I say more reports? 

More next time.

-Warren Bailey

Warren Bailey is Vice President of Corporate Technology at NAI Global.