by John Cserkuti, Senior Vice President

Once known to us all as the infamous “roach coaches” seen at construction sites or in front of office buildings at lunch hour,  you’ve probably heard the buzz about the new crop of gourmet food trucks taking the country by storm. You’ve surely seen or maybe even sampled from some of these traveling restaurants on wheels that are seemingly looking to take a piece of the food pie away from traditional brick and mortar restaurants all across town.

Keeping the same focus as traditional QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants) these mobile food trucks provide their customers the same quick, casual offerings, with a gourmet twist.  Don’t fret though, you’ll find much more than just your typical Mexican fare. This new breed of trucks offers cuisine types across the board from Korean BBQ to Shrimp platters to Gourmet sausages, burgers and everything in between.

Kogi BBQ, one of the originators of the gourmet food truck, has stops from Sherman Oaks all the way south to Irvine. Others like Border Grill, Shrimp Pimp, and Let’s Be Frank, also traverse the city streets and change their locations daily. Oh, and let’s not forget about dessert! You can even get your Sprinkles cupcake on the go with their mobile food truck rounding out your multi-course, or should I say, multi-truck meal.

With the help of websites like Facebook and Twitter or specialty sites (like this one or this site), that track the trucks’ daily routes, it’s easy to know when your favorite will be lurking in your neighborhood.

With all this excitement surrounding these mobile restaurants, should the local mom-and-pop and chain restaurants be worried? Probably not. While it’s nice to frequent them every once in a while, most of us prefer a place to sit down and enjoy our meal in a casual atmosphere that a restaurant provides rather than eating on the go. It would also take an enormous increase in these mobile kitchens to place a significant damper on the brick and mortar restaurants.   What are some of your favorite trucks?