NAI/Merin Hunter Codman’s REAL Leaders were thrilled to volunteer their morning at the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center in West Palm Beach for the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County. For 30 years, the Homeless Coalition has been the voice for homeless, advocating for their rights and a place they can call home. The Coalition has been a strong leader within the community by recommending policy changes to improve services for the homeless. It also identifies homeless strategies that can produce results, and gets the message out to the community for prompt action.

Our team learned sobering facts about homelessness in our community. In March 2016, over 3,170 students were identified as homeless. Palm Beach County ranks #2 in Florida for children living in spaces not designed for human habitation. Additionally, 1,421 individuals/families are homeless on any given day in Palm Beach County. The Homeless Coalition helps to provide these individuals and families with the support they need to thrive through donations, meals, and housing assistance.

REAL Leaders helped in the donation center by sorting through and organizing clothes, toys and housewares. Donations made to the Homeless Coalition go straight to those in need without resale. Items accepted are non-perishable food items, diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, shoes and accessories, clothing, household cleaning products, dishes, pots & pans, small appliances, etc.

Our team also had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers program. NAI/Merin Hunter Codman sponsored and prepared lunch for the 70 men and women that are housed at the Senator Phillip D. Lewis Center. Most meals are usually leftover from the jail, so these sponsored meals are truly a welcomed treat.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the great work that the Homeless Coalition does to alleviate homelessness in our community and how you can help.