Commercial Real Estate Tips

Like with most projects, success starts with a good plan. Whether you are looking to invest or have a property you’d like to sell, having some expert advice can always be helpful.

Here are some valuable tips that will help you with your CRE endeavors:

  • Form a team including a highly experienced broker with a CCIM designation, a well-established CRE attorney, and a CPA.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references! You will want to assemble a team that, not only do you trust, but also has the credentials and proven track record to be in your corner.
  • Allow your team to blend the real More >

Troy’s Magnetic Appeal

Troy entrepreneur Samuel Wilson became the model for our national symbol, Uncle Sam.

Six years ago, I’m fresh off the plane from Europe.  After 10 years bouncing around the world, I decided to head back to the USA to be near family. They had recently settled in Saratoga Springs, so naturally, I joined them there.

No question Saratoga has its charms. A wide main street, lots of shops, bars and restaurants, lively summer happenings, what’s not to love? Still, it is a small resort town catering to the tourists in July and August and well suited for families year round – a More >

A view on a room: startup needs on the west coast and northeast differ

I read an article in the San Jose Mercury News on the way dot-coms of yesteryear chose office space compared to startups today: How startups survive the space wars. The article explains that office space is an important part of a newly-formed company’s business plan. In a nutshell, the big difference between then and now – entrepreneurs are more cautious. Today, they seek flexible space to grow into and only commit to a lease when the business can prove worthy of the expense.

The article got me thinking about office space for Capital region entrepreneurs and how the needs differ for their More >

What would Dan Pallotta say about office leasing?

I had the opportunity to attend the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce event featuring Dan Pallotta at the City Center. Hundreds of business people came to hear the famous speaker elaborate on his iconic TED Talk, The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong, one of the top 100 most-viewed TED Talks of all time. His aim – to change the way people view nonprofits and to encourage them to operate like a business not a charity. The rally cry: spend to make an impact, emphasizing ROI not overhead.

For businesses, it’s commonplace to allocate large sums to promote the company wares knowing More >